Dingras: The Rice Granary of Ilocos Norte Region

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In the past few years, the Ilocandia kingdom has been gaining popularity from different tourists abroad and here in our country. The reason for this fame is because of the rich culture that has been inspired by Spanish era. Some of the famous tourist spots are found in Ilocos Norte region in which we are going to feature in this article.

The capital of this region is Laoag City, and it is known for its majestic sand dunes along the Ilocos coastline, awe-inspiring natural rock formations, and centuries-old stone churches. However, there is another town in Ilocos Norte region that is worth visiting and that is the municipality of Dingras which is the Rice Granary of the region.

This town of Dingras is not yet famous to tourists because they are not aware of the beauty it holds. In fact, there are so many destinations that people can visit in this municipality. We will mention a few to help you see the beauty of Dingras and it may convince you to put this town on your travel bucket list.

Some of the famous tourist destination in Dingras is the Purugganan Ancestral House. This house is a well-preserve colonial shelter which was used as a town hall during the Spanish era. It also served as headquarters for the revolutionaries during the Fil-American War. The ancestral house is very historical not just for the Ilocos Norte region but also for the whole country because of its value.

Another famous tourist spot in Dingras is the Francisco Falls which is one of the hidden gems in Ilocos Norte region. This is a perfect destination for adventurers who love nature and engage with the exciting wonders of wildlife. The drop-off point is in Maui, Brgy. Sta. Ana, Solsona, Ilocos Norte but it is in Dingras. You can ask those residents who live there. It is about 15 minutes to 30 minutes trekking depending on your pace.

The last but not the least tourist attraction in Dingras is the Madongan Diversion Dam. It has an awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur of artificial shower curtain which is a remarkable sight. According to locals, it resembles the Dingrenios’ experiences and tradition. The dam is also used for irrigation for their agricultural products as this town is the rice granary of the Ilocos Norte region.

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Aside from the mentioned tourist destinations, there are still many hidden gems that are still waiting to be discovered in Dingras. However, many tourists are not aware of this town because it lacks awareness. That’s why the LGU of this town decided to try Digital Tourism. They have partnered with us, Visitour PH, because they believed that the future of tourism is on digital technologies.

The Dingras LGU took a step in the future because they have envisioned that their town will be one of the major contributing city in Ilocos Norte region. To make their vision come true, they must start innovating their tourism and we will help them on that part.

People can now see and discover all tourist spots of Dingras on our Visitour PH app which you can download for free. Aside from Dingras, they can also see other destinations in Ilocos Norte region. Together, we will make travelling easier for Filipinos through Digital Tourism.

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